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Talking About Publishing at the 9th Philippine International Literary Festival

buy generic Lurasidone (AUTHOR)ities: The 9th Philippine International Literary Festival Session title: FINDING AGENTS AND LANDING BOOK DEALS IN U.S. TRADITIONAL PUBLISHING Session description: Looking to publish your work in the U.S.? Step right in as this panel discusses the processes of U.S. Traditional Publishing. From querying your manuscript to landing a book deal, learn from experts as…

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I Am An #AuthorMentorMatch Mentee!

Novyy Urengoy I never thought I’d get in. I’ve applied to my fair share of mentorships, believe me. I know the odds are slim. Because Author Mentor Match was on its fourth round, it’s already become so popular. Still, I couldn’t resist the roster of mentors for this round because it felt like my manuscript would be…

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Saranghaeyo Seoul Vol. 2

I never got to share more Korea photos because it felt weird posting Winter photos during a different season. But since it’s December again, I’m continuing the chronicles of my Seoul trip! Day 3 Our agenda for the day (though really, we got there in the evening) was visiting the Seoul Tower. We got great…

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