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9th Philippine International Literary Festival - Finding Agents and Landing Book Deals in U.S. Traditional Publishing with Rin Chupeco Isabelle Adrid Gail Villanueva Kara Bodegon Hazel Ureta

Talking About Publishing at the 9th Philippine International Literary Festival

(AUTHOR)ities: The 9th Philippine International Literary Festival Session title: FINDING AGENTS AND LANDING BOOK DEALS IN U.S. TRADITIONAL PUBLISHING Session description: Looking to publish your work in the U.S.? Step right in as this panel discusses the processes of U.S. Traditional Publishing. From querying your manuscript to landing a book deal, learn from experts as…


I Am An #AuthorMentorMatch Mentee!

I never thought I’d get in. I’ve applied to my fair share of mentorships, believe me. I know the odds are slim. Because Author Mentor Match was on its fourth round, it’s already become so popular. Still, I couldn’t resist the roster of mentors for this round because it felt like my manuscript would be…

Seoul Tower-1

Saranghaeyo Seoul Vol. 2

I never got to share more Korea photos because it felt weird posting Winter photos during a different season. But since it’s December again, I’m continuing the chronicles of my Seoul trip! Day 3 Our agenda for the day (though really, we got there in the evening) was visiting the Seoul Tower. We got great…

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