Liberty Island {New York Travelogue}

statue of liberty island

May 25, 2015 // Day 2

Despite a very long first day in New York, we surprisingly woke up early the next morning- much ready to see more of the city. We took the downtown train to board the Statue Cruises Ferry and visit Liberty Island. The weather that morning was gorgeous- blue skies and all.

liberty statue cruises

national monument statue of liberty national park

liberty island trees park liberty island liberty island viewing

tourists at liberty island

It was actually Memorial Day so there were many visitors and tourists but it wasn’t that crowded although I imagined an afternoon turn out would be quite different. I’m really glad we got to see Lady Liberty and I got to take some great portraits of the statue!

lady liberty

statue of liberty

All photographs (c) Hazel Ureta

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  1. Alexa S. on June 22 at 3:11 am

    What a beautiful day to go and visit! I went with my sister this year, and we went during a particularly gloomy day, which was unfortunate. It was still really fun to do though! I’m glad you went when it wasn’t too crowded 🙂

  2. Mawa Mahima on June 22 at 8:04 pm

    Wow, all the photos look amazing. The sky is so blue! Haha. The boat ride must have been so cool (I love boat rides!).

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