Summer Lovin’ 2015

summer lovin 2015It’s officially summer break for me! *shimmies*

Summer means ice cream, going to the beach, sleeping in, road trips, and getting lots of reading done and I’m super excited to do just that!

I only have a few weeks of vacation since I’ll be taking some classes Mid-April to May so I’ll definitely try to make the most out of it! I’ll also be very busy with design work (hopefully not too much) but I’m excited to grow my business and develop my skills by attending some workshops!

I’m most excited about the last week of summer though since I’ll be spending it in New York.

Surely, Summer 2015 will be a memorable one!

Love, Hazel

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  1. Genissa on March 20 at 4:18 pm


    You’re lucky…we still have another season to go until it’s summer over here in the States/northern hemisphere. 🙂 Ice cream, sleeping in and the beach sounds so amazing right now.

    Good luck with your classes! Have a fun summer and a fantastic time at BEA! Looking forward to hearing all about it. 🙂

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