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Website Revamp || RIP Films & Reveries

So I gave my website a new look! Honestly, I’ve been wanting to create my writer platform for quite a while. Around the time I started querying probably. It was weird for me to keep linking agents to my book blog even though I don’t talk much about writing there. Aside from occasional Twitter updates, I…

Paris Baguette NYC-1

Paris Baguette, New York

After a whole day of exploring NYC with my book blogger friend Mish, we found this pastry shop in a corner a few streets from Times Square.

What Happens Now by Hazel Ureta - YA Contemporary

All You Need To Know About My First YA Novel

This was originally posted on Stay Bookish. Hey, hey, hey! Hazel here, y’all. My lovely co-bloggers have been posting more actively than I have been but I sure hope you guys haven’t forgotten me. It’s so nice to be blogging again and to be sharing some cool news on top of that. You may or may…

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