Website Revamp || RIP Films & Reveries

So I gave my website a new look!

Honestly, I’ve been wanting to create my writer platform for quite a while. Around the time I started querying probably. It was weird for me to keep linking agents to my book blog even though I don’t talk much about writing there. Aside from occasional Twitter updates, I don’t talk much about writing anywhere really. This is unfortunate because writing has become such a huge part of me now more than ever. And like with everything I’ve ever loved (books, photography, etc.), I want to blog about it.

However, I already had a personal blog, though it wasn’t about writing. I started Films & Reveries on Tumblr, then switched to WordPress using my name as the domain. Films & Reveries became my online photo journal. I didn’t write many posts, sadly, but I still cherished having my own little personal space on the internet.

Change is inevitable, of course. With my growing desire to establish my brand as a writer, I knew I needed to revamp Films & Reveries. So I did! I had fun designing my own website and I’m happy with the outcome so far. I’ve still kept my old posts, and will still keep sharing life updates along with my photography, but gosh am I excited to talk about the stories I’m working on here.

In memoriam of my old blog, here’s how this website looked before the revamp~

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