Chez Karine

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I was chilling at BGC today (I usually do that from time to time) and I had this sudden craving for sweets (That happens very often too) and then I managed to pass by Chez Karine. And boy, when I went in, I could not take my eyes off the macarons. So I impulsively bought them. THEY TASTE LIKE HEAVEN. I loved their Earl Grey flavour! They also have this BACON flavor. At first I thought “Well that’s curious. I’ve never heard of a bacon flavor macaron in my life.” but when I tried it, I was surprised that they were actually good. Chez Karine’s macarons are a must-try! (Plus they also had some cakes and panna cotas that looked real yummy!!)

In conclusion, I pigged out today but no regrets just love haha.

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