I Am An #AuthorMentorMatch Mentee!

I never thought I’d get in. I’ve applied to my fair share of mentorships, believe me. I know the odds are slim. Because Author Mentor Match was on its fourth round, it’s already become so popular. Still, I couldn’t resist the roster of mentors for this round because it felt like my manuscript would be of interest. I knew immediately who I wanted to submit to, but I struggled whether or not to push through because I felt like it wasn’t likely I’d get in.

At the last few hours before the submission window closed, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to try and that the opportunity of getting to work with any of the mentors I chose to submit to would be worth it.

When I immediately got a request for my full manuscript, I was squealing inside but decided to stay quiet about it. In fact, I decided to stay quiet through the whole selection process. I didn’t want to jinx my chances.

I was asleep when the announcements were posted. It was a week early from schedule because the mentors have all chosen. AND I WAS PART OF THE CHOSEN ONES!

Erin Hahn had chosen me as her mentee for my contemporary YA! I was so excited I made an aesthetic for the very first time:

This project is my heart right now. It’s been my heart for a while now. I probably shouldn’t get attached to a project, but I’m just so passionate about this one. And I can’t wait to work on it with Erin’s help and guidance!

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