The Script in Manila (2011)

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Yesterday, I went to Araneta Coliseum by 4pm and lined up for The Script’s concert immediately since I’ve already bought my general admission tickets a week before. Since I bought tickets a week before the concert, the only seats left were gen-ad and patron and since I knew that no one would come with me if I got patron tickets, I bought gen-ad instead. I waited in line with Apl (Faye joined us after a while). The wait was exactly two hours and thirty minutes. It was worth it though, since we got good seats.


Even though we were already seated, we had to wait again. The show was supposed to start at 8pm (that was indicated on the ticket) but instead the show started at 8:30 where The Script played the first song on their set list, You Won’t Feel a Thing.


I super envy all those people in front who were able to be so near to Danny (especially those who were even able to meet the band)! I regret not getting those Patron tickets. Thank God I was able to sneak in my dslr. (I used my 70-300mm lens so I was able to take some close up pictures)


Meet Danny, the vocalist of The Script and also “the king of drunk dialing.” This was when they were playing Nothing.


I love it when they make the audience sing a long. I really sang my heart out to each and everyone of their songs. Srsly.


This is us after the concert. That’s what you’ll look like after singing so loudly and screaming like hell.

The Script’s concert was just “fcking mental”, like what Mark said. It was just so amazing. It was one of the best concerts ever. Really. I hope they’ll really come back soon.

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